2015 - A year in review
Understanding RPCs - Part II
Understanding RPCs - Part I
The Domain Name System
Scalable Machine Learning
Week 10 - Surveyman
Intro to Big Data with Apache Spark
Week 9 - Surveyman
Week 8 - Surveyman
Week 7 - Surveyman
Week 6 - Surveyman
Week 5 - Surveyman
Week 4 - Surveyman
Week 3 - Surveyman
Week 2 - Surveyman
Week 1 - Surveyman
The Month of March
Becoming a Better Developer
The SWIM Membership Protocol
High school calculus
What You Need Is Discipline
Compile - A Python Builtin
Parsing Infix in Clojure
One Thing Today
2014 - A year in review
University Courses
Mining of Massive DataSets - A Review
Bloom Filters for Dummies
Just Learn
Armin on Rust
A Happy Accident
Why Do You Want To Do Great Things?
Maciej on Matasano
Weekend Hack - Monte Pi
Organizing Angular Apps for Testing
The String Rotation Problem
Heidi Roizen on ETL
Fun with SparkFun
Choosing Angular
Swift - First Impressions
No Excuses
It Ends
Evan Priestly on PHP
Automated Testing With Newman
Enums in Python
Using Blueprints
Newman Is Live
Write Code Everyday
Thinking For Programmers
Being A Senior Engineer
Flask on Nginx and Gunicorn
A Few Git Tricks
Deal With It
Why We Dont Sell Ads
Making the Blog Instant
Debugging Akamai Headers
Programming is Hard
Class Based Views
Application Structure
Beginning Flask