It would be an understatement to say that one of my favorite pastime is hoarding (no not the kind where I can hoard physical goods to drive up prices). I hoard blog posts, videos, E-books, Dribbble screenshots and almost anything I can lay my hands on in the hope that one day I’ll have to time to actually go through it.

While working through recent MOOCs and frequently stumbling on academic papers, I felt that there’s a whole load of treasure hidden deep within university pages. A course page such as this has great assignments and lecture notes which would be invaluable if you’re familiar with the topic and just want to have fun doing some exercises or if you’re looking for an idea for your next project. From lectures notes to videos and assignments, professors are increasingly using the internet to share all course materials.

Information about MOOCs is pretty commonplace (thanks to aggregators such as Class Central), however, apart from MIT OCW none of the other university’s course offerings are well known. Being quite fed up with having bookmarks scattered across websites and wanting to have a central location to manage links, I decided to follow the current fashion trend of having a curated list (fondly called awesome \w+) and made a Github repo.

If you look closely most of the courses are about systems (distributed systems, specifically) and programming languages which happen to be my current areas of interest. In future, I’ll keep adding more courses spanning across other CS topics.

So if this is the stuff you find interesting, go ahead and watch the repo! Better still, send some PRs along my way.