Hilarious fable on HN featuring the superhero Unix and its trusted sidekick - Vim!

ring ring ring

yeah, what’s up?

Nagios is paging, something with that code you pushed live a couple hours ago is throwing a fit… looks like half the web cluster is on the verge of going to swap, can you look into it? asap!

Well, I’m on at the bus stop and won’t be near a computer for at least an hour…yeah, I’ll sort it out, will text you when we can push fix live.

  • pulls out Note 3, shitty 3G coverage
  • connects to VPN
  • ssh into dev env with connectbot
  • switches to hackerkeyboard for input mode
  • screen -dr dev
  • Ctrl+c tail join IRC channel that dumps syslogs from production cluster1
  • sees error
  • Ctrl+c vim the/file/causing/the/unexpected/problem

fix the problem :wq2

git stash
git pull 
git stash apply
git commit
git push

Ctrl+d, exit

sends text message “good to go!”

deal with it.


  1. the tail command is used to print the last lines of a text file. tail -f server_log is a knee-jerk reaction to any server issue. [return]
  2. wq saves a files in vim and closes the text editor [return]