Github Streak.

And so it ends! For the past 64 days, I’ve been working hard to keep contributing to open source, to keep committing meaningful commits each day. Yesterday, I decided to end it. Nearing the end, it started getting a bit tiring. I was spending my time in office thinking what will I work on today. In the start it was good, I had a couple of good postman projects to take care of. But after release, I was in search of a new project.

Learning Go had been on my mind for quite some time and somewhere between my time in Postman, I did give it a shot. But I realized that to build something meaningful, I’d have to put some serious time in it. Bogged by the pressure of releasing code each day I was not feeling comfortable in taking time out to learn a new language.

Slowly and slowly the anxiety to contribute code each day was sapping out all the fun. Rather than getting excited I started dreading going home to work on something. Finally, it was yesterday that I decided that this should stop.

Nevertheless, I had a great run. It felt great to have stuck onto something for this long. Working for 64 days non-stop without a break, alongside the day job is not an easy feat and I’m proud that I did it. To top it all, Newman was the longest project that I worked on this long at a stretch. It has given me the confidence to work on more ambitious projects that require serious commitment over longer timeframes.

My plan for this month is to get back to learning some CS theory. I am vacilatting between doing a MOOC and studying a book on algorithms. This is obviously alongside practicing writing Golang.

Hopefully, I will soon have another cool project that I can start working on after this short break! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!