Be Kanjoos

Be notified when your favorite products become cheaper

Now available on the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store

Track your favorite products

Lots of websites have a wishlist feature but it's hard to keep track of products across multiple websites. With BeKanjoos, you have a simple and easy way to track products without ever leaving your favorite website.

We currently support leading Ecommerce websites and working hard to add even more!

<Here is what you get>

  • Easier to keep track. Like never before

    Track your product without going away from your favorite website!

  • Fill up the basket

    Love loads of products? Just keep adding products to your tracking list. Our servers can handle what you throw at them!

  • Save time

    Wasting a lot of time browsing the same products? Be Notified on email and on your phone as soon as prices change!

  • New Features

    Track price history, recommend products to friends and whole bunch of new features being added!